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Living in

Living in Sheffield  was born in 2018 on Instagram and since 2020 on Facebook. The idea behind it is to promote Sheffield in a positive way, supporting independent businesses, celebrating migrant communities, as well as encouraging people to explore more the great things our city has to offer.

Livia Barreira is a Brazilian-born journalist/communicator who created, developed and manages Living in Sheffield. “I strongly believe we need to make the right connections and feel less lonely anywhere we live in this world. Sheffield is a very welcoming city in the UK that has many hidden gems to offer. I really want to encourage people to find them out.”

 “I am a natural explorer who has been calling Sheffield my home sweet home since 2016. I am always truly excited to guide people and share interesting finds related to life in our city”.

Livia has been organizing events with female entrepreneurs (Women in Business Coffee Morning event), as well as personalised 1:1 and group digital marketing training  sessions. Livia is also the author of a book called “Living in Sheffield: Our Journeys as Migrant Women” . It celebrates the richness and positive impact of migration, through the stories of eight female migrants from different countries who have settled in Sheffield.

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