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Living in Sheffield: Our Journeys as Migrant Women

“I have never seen a book in Sheffield about migration that was written by a migrant author. So now we have it and you can get your copy here”, Livia Barreira, the author of Living in Sheffield: Our Journeys as Migrant Women.

Livia explains how she got the idea for the project. “Initially, in 2020, I made a list of inspiring migrant women I already knew in Sheffield and who I thought would be interested in being part of the book. I got in touch with these people and explained the idea to them.  When I had a few women who had agreed to take part, I created a form with some general questions (the starting point to develop all our conversations). Because of the lockdown I needed to be creative to make the interviews happen. The participants sent me emails back with their answers to the questionnaire, and based on this I conducted interviews on Zoom, using my journalist skills to delve deeper into their stories”, explains Livia.


To be able to self-publish the book she developed and successfully delivered a 4-week long crowdfunding campaign. There are many different reasons for making the big move to another country. When more people learn and understand about different cultures, we can have the chance to live in a world with more respect and where we appreciate diversity.  “If you are a migrant reading the book you will probably identify with some of the themes covered. If you have never experienced living in another country, I would like to think that you will see certain things from a new perspective after finishing the book”.

To buy the book, please send us a message with your order and shipment location

In 2016, when Brazilian-born Livia Barreira moved to Sheffield, she never would have imagined writing a book in English. She is a professional journalist, but at that time she didn’t have great English skills. The years passed by, she worked hard in improving her mastery of the language and now, after 2 years of working on this project, she finally finished and self-published her first book “Living in Sheffield: our Journeys as Migrant Women”. The book has the aim to promote diversity and its positive impact in Sheffield, through the stories of eight female migrants from across the world who have settled in the city.

The women portrayed in the book are all female migrants from different countries and backgrounds. The book shows Sheffield from the foreigners’ perspectives. “Through the book I also want to highlight the important contributions many amazing migrants are giving to our city, and how they are making a difference in their communities. We are not invisible and I wish I could see more migrants successfully doing what they really want to do and finding their place, recognition and genuine happiness. For me, my genuine happiness is to work with communication as it is an important and strong part of my identity.” This book is now, in some way, also a tool that connects different migrant women forever. 


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