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Digital Marketing Training sessions

Livia holds a masters in Strategy of Communication and has many years of experience in this field. She can use her expertise to guide you through the digital marketing strategy for your business.


This can be a personalised 1:1 session or a group session [LB8] 


These sessions are very dynamic and practical. Livia can support you in creating your professional Instagram account, Facebook page and website content. The aim of this consultation is to guide and inspire you with creative ideas for you to build a strong online presence for your business. She will also use her communication skills to help you understand your business’ brand and why it is important to plan your social media content based on your values. Livia also wants you to understand about storytelling and why it has become so important, and how to use it in your business to connect better with your audience.


These sessions usually have a duration of 2h. Price will depend on the size of the group.

Contact Livia to organise and promote an event in Sheffield

If you have an idea for an event, but don’t know how to organise and promote it, Livia can do this job for you. Even if you don’t need her to organise the event, but would like her to use her network skills to promote it to a large audience in Sheffield, get in touch. She will be passionate about sorting it out for you and your business.


Price will depend on the type, duration and size of the event. 

Have Livia at your event for a talk

Livia is available to give inspiring and dynamic talks in Sheffield about topics including:


Life in Sheffield


Digital marketing for small businesses

How to build a community


Price will depend on the size of the event and duration. 

 Personalised guided tours in Sheffield

Are you new to Sheffield and want to have a personalised guided tour to understand a few aspects of the city and culture? Is so, get in touch with Livia. She will speak to you to find out about your interests and create a bespoke friendly tour based on what you would like to see in Sheffield. You will be with Livia for at least 2h.


Price will depend on duration and group size.

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